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The Ocean: A Non-Textbook

The Ocean: A Non-Textbook

is a joint initiative of the Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences and the Gdynia Aquarium MIR-PIB, implemented in cooperation with the Sopot Scientific Society and Today We Have.

The Ocean is a grass-roots project resulting from the epidemiological situation in Poland, which prevents maritime education at the Gdynia Aquarium and the “Ocean of Changes” workshops at the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in their normal form.

The purpose of the Non-Textbook is not only to interest the recipients in topics related to the widely understood marine environment, or to explain the basic phenomena occurring in nature. We also want to build a community that recognizes the sense of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with particular emphasis on issues related to the ocean, as well as building the Ocean Literacy community that understands how the ocean affects it and how it affects the ocean.

The Ocean: A Non-Textbook is a series of short videos that deal with a variety of issues related to the marine environment. From the Ocean Decade, through climate change, atmospheric interrelations, ocean life, ecology, and the activities of international organizations such as the United Nations.

The pandemic caused the films to be made at home, on the beach, in laboratories, which brings the audience closer to the broadcasters, thus disenchanting the image of science people as inaccessible characters.

All current episodes can be viewed on the Ocean Literacy website. The films are published on Facebook profiles of the Gdynia Aquarium, the Institute of Oceanology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Sopot Scientific Society and Today We Have.

We encourage you to watch and comment.