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promocja nauki

Promotion of science, educational workshops and organization of conferences

We have vast experience in promoting science and scientific knowledge, throughout organization of numerous educational and scientific events and workshops. We can organize a custom made workshops at all educational levels, including all three levels of the the Bologna Process. We provide two language options, English and Polish.


Organization of conferences.

Do you want to professionally organize a conference, topical, scientific, popular, and you don’t know how to start or need help, contact us. We offer a complex service in the area of an entire Pomeranian Region.

Our services include:

  1. Webpage: conference registration, abstract submission, etc.
  2. Organizing team and reception.
  3. Language services   
    • during the conference, 
    • translation of conference materials.
  4. Moderator.
  5. Preparation of conference materials.
  6. Catering, dinners, coffee breaks.
  7. Accommodation.

Prices can be negotiated individually.