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Our offer

Promotion of science

We have vast experience in promoting science and scientific knowledge, throughout organization of numerous educational and scientific events and workshops. We can organize a custom made workshops at all educational levels, including all three levels of the the Bologna Process. We provide two language options, English and Polish.

Educational workshops

Organization of workshops at all educational levels from elementary school to Ph.D. courses. All classes can be run in English.

Our offer includes:

  • One or two-day long workshops for school students at all levels, during which we share knowledge in the areas of history, math, physics, biology, chemistry, and other, which is outside of the school curriculum. We do not prepare for exams. Our goal is to supplement and enrich information which students obtain in schools. We know that school programs are limited and thus we believe that students need help in prioritizing and even proper explanation of ideas, which he/she have encountered in school.
  • Public speaking workshop – we teach, step by step, how to prepare a good presentation, what to pay attention while preparing a draft, what mistakes to avoid, how to prepare good slides and not to bore listeners.
  • Academic skills workshop – we teach how to prepare a multimedia presentation, how to present it, how to prepare for the discussion, how to use arguments and to discuss with your opponents.
  • How to prepare a good conference poster workshop – we teach how to construct a conference poster, which background to choose, how much information should it contain.
  • Multimedia presentation workshop – we teach, step by step, how to prepare a good presentation, what to pay attention while preparing a good draft, what mistakes to avoid, how to prepare good slides.
  • Writing CV workshop – we teach how to prepare a professional CV to get a chance for an interview.

OUR OFFER Prices can be negotiated individually.

Academic Skills

Academic Language Skills

Academic Language Skills at levels from upper intermediate up are run once a week for 90 minutes. Each semester we offer 15 meetings. The course is run based on own materials and materials produced by the course participants during classes.

The aim of the course is to create a possibility to develop English language skills during the discussions on current problems and issues, which are presented by the course participants, who usually represent different fields of knowledge.

The course is run in an interactive manner, which allows to develop communication skills. We especially stress out the pronunciation and speaking skills. We will use such activating techniques as participant own presentations, including the multimedia, pair and group work, active work on texts, etc.

At the end of the semester each participant will obtain an individual Progress Report, with potential hints for the further improvements.


Why is it worth to prepare a good presentation?

Today, basically each and every presentation includes slides. Many of us feel awkward during the public presentations. A well prepared presentation makes us feel more comfortable and less stressed out. It is not so easy to prepare a professional presentation and it requires following the rules and use of a number of tricks.

What should we know prior to the presentation? How to prepare a presentation draft? How to prepare good slides?

What mistakes are most common. During our workshops you will learn these rules and be able to finally prepare a good PowerPoint presentation.


It is worth to realize that the public presentations will help us at all stages of our life, in school, at the university, in managing, sales, marketing, business, working for a corporation and in politics.

We offer very practical workshops, where you can learn how to combine a message and the sense of your presentation with a light and pleasant form. You can learn to allocate your mistakes and remove them. You will learn proper body language in communication and how to build your charisma and sympathy of your listeners, clients. We will teach you how to share your knowledge in an effective way.

Our workshops are prepared for individual needs of clients, managers, trainers, scientists, university students, school students, salesmen and many other kinds of presenters.


Can you learn how to write a research paper? Definitely yes! And you should learn such skills!

If you plan to submit your paper to a impacted journal you have to know that prior to his/her acceptance for review, editor will not only check if your work is suitable for the journal but also the formal structure of the paper. While preparing a paper you should remember that such work is very specific both in form and setup. Prior to submission you should verify and choose the proper journal for your work.

This and many other hints you can find out during our workshops, which are run by experienced scientists.


The basic aim of a poster presentation is, of course, to present results of your research or issues that are of your interest. However, you should also aim at grasping peoples’ interest in our results in order to be able to make direct contact with them. You may profit from such contacts throughout the entire career.

Properly made poster should grasp conference attendees attention. It should facilitate fast recognition of the depicted problem and give grounds for further discussion.

During our workshops, run by experienced scientists, you will learn all the tricks to be able to prepare good poster presentations.