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5.08.2020 Webinar Colin Campbell

I am Associate Professor in Second Language Education at the University of Reading in southern England. I have taught English and trained teachers of English and also worked with international lecturers of different academic subjects who hope to teach their subjects through English. I have worked in Spain, England, Italy, Ireland, Poland and Estonia and have run workshops and delivered at Conferences in a number of others countries as well, including Brazil, Sudan, China and Azerbaijan. I have written and co-written books for students and teachers of English.


Analysis of the written entries for I Live by the Sea contest ( in this talk we will analyse the written texts submitted by a number contestants of ‘I live by the sea’ and, with the help of extracts from various entries from the whole range of age groups, we will consider

a) the different ways in which writers have interpreted the topic,

b) the different themes they focused on, and

c) the different ways in which the writers engaged with the topic.

We will also pay tribute to all the contestants who have shown their commitment, passion, knowledge and in-depth understanding of the topic and their determination to make a better world for all its constituents, and to care for our planet more responsibly than previous generations may have done. 

Webinar recording:

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