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22.07.2020 Webinar Agnieszka Skorupa

Agnieszka Skorupa psychologist, assistant professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Silesia in Katowice. Scientifically, she explores broadly understood individual differences, in particular on human behaviour in extreme situations.

She specializes in human adaptation to the polar isolation situation and is interested in human-environment interaction. Popularizer of science. She collaborated among others with local cinemas, the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theater, „KinoSzkoła” Foundation, „We are for you” Foundation, as well as, she constructs prevention programs using popular films. A co-editor of five books and an author of over thirty articles.


As humans, we have many qualities and features that make us unique compared to other species. First of all, we are, as some psychologists define, ultrasocial beings – in order to feel good, physically and mentally, we need contact with other people. In addition, our mind can not stand a vacuum, we cannot stop thinking, processing information, or seeking new activities. These two features make isolation we have faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic a severe experience for us. The webinar will be an opportunity for reflection on why it is so difficult to bear isolation and what we can do to adapt to the changed reality. In fact, many people stay in isolation every day, whether professionally or healthily, and even because of their passions. Following their examples we will collect hints on how to enjoy learning, working and living in times of uncertainty.

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